That which cannot be created nor destroyed, can at least be made very pretty and useful.
— Anonymous

About Us

Romanian for ‘Little star’, Steluta celebrates those amalgamations of molecules that smolder mindfully slow with steadfast determination of craft. Those unwavering craftspeople creating the candles to be lit in dark times. Those with the love of becoming, lightyears beyond the honeymoon hand-holding stage. Those giving light, knowing they must burn in the process.

Theirs is a value not for shock. They are not the loudest, nor do they drown out the blackground of infinite with their brightness. From the flash-in-the-pan birds-eye-view of the beholder, their timelessness may be missed. Yet their very existence may one day only be known by the alchemy of their focused attention of a once yesteryear. The light we adore from stars exploding aeons ago.

Because we are so nourished by the offerings of Little Stars, and because this light is everyday consumed by those black holes of the BIG Things™ in life, with crazy cuss forces of gravity we abhor but are ourselves sometimes engulfed by, we dedicate our space them. 


The Shop

To touch the hand-made is to see light, years in the making- the edge of the ever-expanding, always terrifying, artistic process. Proof of ones courage. A culmination of answered calls from the muse and evidence of that on-and-on-going conversation.

We give shelter and shelf to these objects that beautify with age and live a shelf-life & death likely to be known long after our own. Intrinsically beautiful oddities made from star parts that could not be destroyed nor ignored. Proof of the POOF in our primordial pudding. Objects of purpose beyond reason and rationality. Things a calculator CAN NOT COMPUTE but might just like, a lot. This we celebrate.

All ye seeking Planned Obsolescence, seek elsewhere.